Weaving and Raspberry Sauce

Greetings, dear readers! In my first Friday Favourites post, I wrote about how much I loved all the neat woven wall hangings I was seeing all over Pinterest and various design blogs! Well, last week, I finally ended up building my own loom! (With some help from my Dad and his carpentry skills!) I learned the basics of weaving from YouTube video tutorials, like the fabulous one below… and now I’m totally hooked!

To me, weaving is incredibly addictive and calming! It’s also a fantastic way to productively procrastinate! I think this is the beginning of a long adventure! I’m so excited about the three below, my favourite creations so far!

Woven Wall Hangings by Productively Procrastinating
My Favourites from Week One of Weaving!

I’m planning a more detailed weaving post for the future, so I’ll leave you with just this short preview for now!

Okay, today is usually my procrasti-baking day, but I’ve been procrasti-weaving instead! However, I’m still going to share a quick recipe! This morning, I made this awesome raspberry sauce from the blog Tastes of Lizzy T’s! This stuff was delicious on the blueberry pancakes I had for breakfast! I ate the pancakes too quickly to take a photo (they were more tasty than attractive anyway), but here’s how the sauce turned out!

Raspberry Sauce - Productively Procrastinating Blog
A little jar of delicious raspberry sauce!

That’s all I’ve got for today! I hope you’ve enjoyed your visit!

Have you ever tried weaving? What’s your favourite creative hobby? I’d love to hear from you!

Cheers! Have a wonderful week!




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