Weaving Update – Week Two

Hi friends! Week two was another busy week of weaving! My Smile and Weave challenge is going swimmingly and I’m still on track to finish one woven wall hanging every day this month! Hooray! Here are some photos of my newest pieces:

Woven Wall Hangings - Productively Procrastinating Blog

Woven Wall Hangings - Productively Procrastinating Blog

As you can see, I’ve begun to incorporate pom-poms into my designs! Reminiscent of the arts and crafts from my childhood in the 90’s, pom-poms are making a comeback and I’m absolutely loving them! I made a few using this DIY method and recently purchased a couple of pom-pom makers to speed up the process. The following is a tutorial from Blitsy Crafts on how to use them:

There we are, friends! Another week of weaving success and some bonus pom-pom making! I hope you’re enjoying these updates! More to come soon!



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