Classic Ukrainian Borscht - Productively Procrastinating Blog

Grandma’s Ukrainian Borscht

Borscht, pronounced more like bor-sh-tch, is a popular Eastern European soup, most often prepared with beets and served with sour ...
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Weaving in Progress - Productively Procrastinating

Weaving and Raspberry Sauce

Greetings, dear readers! In my first Friday Favourites post, I wrote about how much I loved all the neat woven ...
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Loaded Potato Soup - Productively Procrastinating

Loaded Potato Soup: The Ultimate Comfort Food!

Hi friends! Today won't be a usual procrasti-baking Sunday, because I'd like to share a fabulous soup recipe with you ...
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A Big Sunday Brunch

Happy Valentine's Day everybody! A hundred years ago, I'd have been considered a spinster by now... But times have changed! ...
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Cream of Chayote Soup: Mexican Inspiration

Hello, dear readers! Wow! What a day! Today was my first full-time, fully-independent day at my new grown-up job! Yes, ...
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Carrot, Cauliflower and Coconut Soup - Productively Procrastinating

A Quick Thai-inspired Soup!

Hello, dear readers! I'm so excited about this soup I made for lunch today, I just have to share the ...
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